Cafes: Kolonaki, Exarhia, Agias Irinis Square & around the Acropolis

Cafes: Kolonaki, Exarhia, Agias Irinis Square & around the Acropolis Facebook Twitter


Cafes: Kolonaki, Exarhia, Agias Irinis Square & around the Acropolis Facebook Twitter




There is an entire culture behind coffee (kafe) drinking in Athens. People go out for coffee to meet friends, chat, socialise, unwind and do some people-watching. Even job interviews have been known to take place in the quieter cafés around Kolonaki and Syntagma. In the old days, cafés were also the meeting places of the city’s political and literary elite. Writers, poets and Prime Ministers would be seen enjoying their Greek coffee while chatting quietly with their friends. Unfortunately, most of the pre-WWII cafés have closed down during the past few decades, but a precious few remain in their place (see Zonars).


Athens has a café almost on every corner with tables taking over the pavements during summer. Drinking coffee is a ritual – especially if it’s a frappe. You’re not supposed to rush; you should sit back, take a sip, comment on the day’s events and watch passers-by. Athenians spend an hour over their coffee. The next time you want to take a break from sightseeing and you feel crushed by the heat, take shelter in one of the citys’ numerous cafés and order your frappuccinos, frappes and freddoccinos.


Cafés around Syntagma and Kolonaki are frequented by professionals who pop in for a light lunch or quick coffee on their way to work. For a quieter and more atmospheric environment, walk towards cafés in Monastiraki or Thisio, next to the train tracks and enjoy the unbeatable view of the Acropolis and the Roman Agora.





Da Capo


Cafes: Kolonaki, Exarhia, Agias Irinis Square & around the Acropolis Facebook Twitter

  • Kolonaki square, Kolonaki / Metro: Syntagma

Smack in the middle of Kolonaki square, Da Capo is a meeting point of those who want to see and be seen. Those sitting next to you are likely lawyers, politicians, or businessmen discussing work, or the state of political affairs in Greece. Its cappuccino is reputedly the best in town and has a price to match it.



  • Skoufa & 60 Omirou street, 210 3392370 / Metro: Syntagma

One of the oldest cafés in Kolonaki, it open all day and is almost always packed.


The Dark Side of Chocolate

  • 49 Solonos Street, Kolonaki

At the ground floor of an appartment building of the 30s there is a chocolaterie where you can sip spicy chocolate drinks and eat home-made, chocolate bites flavoured with lemon, pink pepper or basil, as well as fresh truffles.



  • 10 Valaoritou street, Kolonaki, 210 3622845

A large café on the busy Valaoritou Street, with fresh sandwiches and many types of coffee.




Cafes: Kolonaki, Exarhia, Agias Irinis Square & around the Acropolis Facebook Twitter

  • 34 Skoufa street, Kolonaki, 210 3612850

Writers, politicians and locals frequent this old café, with its excellent service and the delicious Kayak ice cream on the menu.


Petit Fleur

  • 44 Omirou street, Kolonaki, 210 3613169 / Metro: Syntagma

Petit Fleur specialises in imaginative, thick chocolate drinks, all made with Valhrona chocolate in separate coffee pots, as well as delicious quiche. The place also serves coffee for its die-hard fans.



  • Corner of Solonos & Pindarou Street, Kolonaki

After walking all day in the heat, your energy levels will be at rock-bottom. Pop in and order a fresh fruit juice, or a vitamin-rich power-smoothie and you will feel fine in no-time.






  • 48 Themistocleous, Exarhia, 210 3303430 / Metro: Omonia

Hang out with students and casual crowds in this tiny café. Order chocolate and enjoy the music.



  • Valtetsiou 35 & Zoodohou Pigis, 210 8304778 / Metro: Omonia

Popular with locals, serves coffee and board games.



  • 4 Koleti, Exarhia, 210 3847597 / Metro: Omonia

A small café with occasional artistic exhibitions and music nights.


Cafes: Kolonaki, Exarhia, Agias Irinis Square & around the Acropolis Facebook Twitter

Frappe coffee, a Greek habit: A true Greek obsession, frappe coffee is the highest selling cold drink in summer. Definitely not as sophisticated as cappuccino or espresso, it is made from Nescafe’s instant coffee, water and ice. Shaken, not stirred. Sugar and milk are optional. You can order it in any café, or even buy it in DIY packages from kiosks. This frothy drink is not for the faint-hearted. Its flavour is intense and may prove heavy for your stomach, so you might consider accompanying it with a light snack. When ordering one, you should say if you want it sweet (glikos), medium (metrio) or without sugar (horis zahari), and also if you want it with milk (me gala), or black (sketo). Then sit back, drink it slowly over an hour or so, and do some people-watching. Every café in Athens makes a decent frappe, but the best people or view-watching can be done in Kolonaki, Thisio (antiquities all around) and around Syntagma square. If time is pressing, go to small, coner-cafés such as Via Vai (Stadiou Street, Syntagma), Everest or Grigoris snack-chains for a quick espresso to-go.






Nikis café

  • 3 Nikis & Ermou, Syntagma, 210 3234971

Serving busy executives and stock brokers during the day, it sells delicious coffee, breakfast and fruit juices until 1700 and then slows down and starts serving drinks.



  • 4 Leoforos Amalias, Syntagma, 211 1821400

Perfect Italian-style cappuccinos and espressos and the freshest foccacias and pastries for people on the go.


The 7 Jockers

  • 7 Voulis, Syntagma, 210 3219225

A standard choice for employees on their break during the day, a popular spot for happy hour in the evening.


Café Clemente VIII


Cafes: Kolonaki, Exarhia, Agias Irinis Square & around the Acropolis Facebook Twitter

  • 3 Voukourestiou Street, 210 3219340

Clemente serves the best filter coffee in town, as well as and delicious pastries and snacks.


Lallabai café

  • Aigli, Syntagma, Zappio Gardens

Tucked inside the quiet Zappeio Gardens, it’s one of the most beautiful cafés in town.



Agias Irinis Square




Cafes: Kolonaki, Exarhia, Agias Irinis Square & around the Acropolis Facebook Twitter

  • Aghias Irinis Square, Monastiraki, 210 3230928 / Metro: Monastiraki

A bar made famous in Spetses moves to Athens and plays funk music for his thirty-something clientele.


  •  4 Kalamiotou Street, Kapnikareas Square, 210 3240103 / Metro: Monastiraki

Doubling its size for the summer, Aperitif wants to dominate the clubbing scene in the area.


  • Corner of Athinaidos and Kalamiotou, 210 3234095 / Metro: Monastiraki

The atmosphere, the theatrical setting, thick blood-red curtains and crystal chandeliers make you feel you are back in the ‘20s. This venue hosts performances, concerts and other events and of course also serves as a great bar.


Tailor Made


Cafes: Kolonaki, Exarhia, Agias Irinis Square & around the Acropolis Facebook Twitter

  • Aghias Irinis Square, Monastiraki, 213 0049645 / Metro: Monastiraki

Housed a beautiful neoclassic 19th-century mansion, this chic bar dominates the lively Aghias Irinis Square. It opens in the afternoon for coffee and continues innthe night with soul music and a large selection of drinks.


  • Aghias Irinis Square, Monastiraki, 6932 424919 / Metro: Monastiraki

An all-day, multi-level venue, ideal for a shirt break during your day.


  • 4 Aghias Irinis Square, Monastiraki, 210 3224410 / Metro: Monastiraki

The friends-living-room atmosphere of this new, gay-friendly café-bar makes one a regular customer. Small art exhibitions are often organised.


  • 14 Kalamiotou, Monastiraki, 210 / Metro: Monastiraki

Dude is cool, and the soul music playing inside this narrow bar makes it ideal for a nightcap



Cafes: Kolonaki, Exarhia, Agias Irinis Square & around the Acropolis Facebook Twitter

  • 33 Eolou Street, Monastiraki, 210 3243740 / Metro: Monastiraki

A trendy café-bar in a central, commercial area of old Athens, preferred by thirty and forty-somethings. Go for a coffee and a muffin in the morning and come back in the evening for a drink.



Plaka, Monastiraki, Thisio


Apsenti café

  • 19 Iraklidon, Thisio, 210 3424224 / Metro: Thisio

You can pretty much spend your day here. It serves coffee, but it’s also a taverna with good food.


Teopotion Peonia (Peony Teahouse)

  • 21 Amphiktionos & Poulopoulou Street, Thisio, 210 3410260 / Metro: Thisio

A great variety of green, white and black teas, as well as many herbal infusions, offered in a beautiful environment.


Kimolia Art café

  • 5 Iperidou Street, 211 1848446

The small, artistic Kimolia café is hidden inside a yellow neoclassical building at the start of a narrow street that leads down to Plaka. It plays soul, is frequented by students and its cappuccino-to-go costs only 1.50 euros. 

Apla Café

  • 1 Adrianou, Thisio, 210 3255552 / Metro: Thisio

Tables outside to admire the unblocked view of the Acropolis.

Kafenion o Glikis

  • Corner of Angelikis Hatzimihali & Angelou Geroda, Monastiraki, 210 3318205

Hidden behind large plants at the corner of two pedestrianized streets is this traditional Greek café, serving Greek coffee and a few mezedes to keep you going.

Klepsidra café

  • Corner of Thrasivoulou & Klepsidras Streets, Plaka 210 3212493

If you find this café while strolling around Plaka, it means you are a true explorer. Klepsidra café is right beneath the Acropolis Hill, close to Anafiotika and many tourists usually stumble upon it on their way down. Locals know it well though and it is difficult to find a table.

Dioskouroi café

  • 13 Dioskouron Street, Plaka, 210 3219607

Dioskouroi doubles as a mezedopolio, frequented bythose who love its location and view over the antiquities, but many people just stop for a quick coffee.

Kirki café

  • 31 Apostolou Pavlou, Thisio, 210 3466960

There are many cafés lining the wide, cobbled Apostolou Pavlou Street, but this one offers delicious Greek Kayak ice cream, thus setting it apart.

Couppa café

  • 3 Akamados Street, Thisio, 210 3478592

A modern café that has taken over the pavement on busy Akamados Street and serves good lattes.



Meet you at Zonar’s: Crn Panepistimou & Voukourestiou, Syntagma

“Old Athens” incarnate, Zonar’s café is closely linked with Athens’ post-war era and is one of its last emblematic cafés that have survived. The modern place you see today is the fully reconstructed version of the old café, which re-opened its doors in 2007 to huge success. The original Zonar’s, built in 1940 by Karolos Zonaras, who migrated here from the United States, was a historic meeting place for politicians, poets, writers, movie stars and high society. Some of its regulars included composer Manos Hatzidakis, poet and Nobel laureate Odysseas Elytis, painter Nikos Hatzikiriakos-Gikas and statesman Evangelos Averoff, while Sophia Loren and Anthony Quinn reportedly popped in whenever they were in town. Today it is frequented by executives of nearby banks and government offices, fast-moving lawyers, slow-moving housewives taking a break from their shopping sprees, well-heeled 30-somethings who love to chat and pensioners who still like to think of Zonar’s “as it once was”. It’s strategic location and popularity means you might have to queue for a table, so use the time to eye the mouth-watering deserts made daily in-store in the window display. Coffee is excellent in all its variations, and so are the light snacks, but be warned: prices are exorbitant.




Μηλιά: Ένας εγκαταλελειμμένος οικισμός των Χανίων έγινε πρότυπο οικοτουρισμού

Ταξίδια / Μηλιά: Ένας εγκαταλελειμμένος οικισμός των Χανίων έγινε πρότυπο οικοτουρισμού

Πριν από τριάντα χρόνια και έπειτα από εργασίες ετών στο οικοσύστημά της, η Μηλιά φιλοξένησε τους πρώτους της επισκέπτες δίχως να έχει ρεύμα και πολλές ανέσεις. Πλέον είναι αυτόνομη ενεργειακά, απευθύνεται σε φυσιολάτρες και όχι μόνο, την αγαπούν οι περιπατητές, ο ξένος Τύπος αλλά και εκείνοι που οδηγούν μία ώρα και κάτι μόνο και μόνο για να φάνε στο εστιατόριό της.
Στην απόκοσμη Ισλανδία του πάγου, της φωτιάς και του ατελείωτου φωτός

Ταξίδια / Στην απόκοσμη Ισλανδία του πάγου, της φωτιάς και του ατελείωτου φωτός

Ονειρικές γεωθερμικές λιμνοθάλασσες, αλλόκοτα φυσικά πάρκα βγαλμένα από το σύμπαν του Τόλκιν, και ένας προορισμός όπου η παράδοση συναντά την άνεση και την εξωπραγματική φυσική ομορφιά.