Greek Summer 2016: Mykonos

Greek Summer 2016: Mykonos Facebook Twitter

Greek Summer 2016: Mykonos Facebook Twitter

Classy and chic, Mykonos entices visitors to an unpretentious extrovert experience stemming from its exceptional atmosphere and elegant aesthetics. Often called "the windy island", Mykonos first became a must destination already in the 1960's when celebrities from around the world flocked to the island. Mykonians enjoy sharing stories from the golden era that shaped tourism in Mykonos and made it the most famous Greek island. Definitely one of the top destinations for party animals: countless events take place during summer with famous DJs in Paradise beach. It is -along with Ibiza- the most famous gay-friendly destination in the Mediterranean, boasting the most glamorous and vibrant nightlife in Greece, combined with the natural beauty of typical Cycladic landscapes; its picturesque corners, turquoise waters and local festivals where locals and tourists mingle offer an exciting combination of fun and relaxation.

Greek Summer 2016: Mykonos Facebook Twitter

Staying in Mykonos

Boats moor in Troulos, the new port and that's where your exploration of the island will begin. Mykonos has two main settlements: the town of Mykonos or Chora, and Ano Mera. In Chora all roads lead to "Little Venice", the seaside district with its elegant, beautiful houses with colorful verandas, staircases and wooden balconies on the sea, a scenery reminiscent of Venice, Italy. Have a seat in a restaurant and enjoy local as well as international cuisine signature dishes.
The Mykonos' trifecta consists of nightlife, gastronomy and guess what else? Shopping. High heels are compulsory for all fashion-minded visitors who wish to strut in Matogiannia, the main commercial street on the island. Chic and luxury boutiques offer a wide variety of global fashion brands, with many exclusive collections intended only for the windy isalnd. Prepare for endless hours of shopping therapy: clothing, leather sandals, swimwear, jewelry, cosmetics, local herbs and many more.
Ano Mera is within walking distance, but in a totally different mindset. This low profile settlement manages to keep its distance from the bustling Chora, with its relaxing alleys, cozy cafes and fine dining in grill restaurants. An early morning walk around the old port, which used to be the main port of the island, to spend time watching the small colorful boats is a great idea, while anytime is a good time to roam the maze of whitewashed alleys smelling of jasmine and bougainvilleas.

Greek Summer 2016: Mykonos Facebook Twitter

Sightseeing & Attractions

Sightseeing may be limited but it is very interesting. Visit the Archaeological Museum (+30 22890 22325, 08:30-15:00) to see the ancient tomb statues, columns and vases (dating from the Prehistoric to Hellenistic times) excavated in Mykonos and the neighboring island of Rinia. The Folklore Museum (+30 22890 22 748 daily except Sundays 16:30-20:30), near Paraportiani church, keeps a beautiful collection of old wooden furniture, photographs, maps, etc. The house of Lena, in district Tria Pigadia (+30 22890 22390) showcases the interior design of a typical 19th century house. Right next door, you can visit the Maritime Museum (+30 22890 22700, 10:30-13:00 and 18:30-21:00) full of navigational instruments, boats, maps and coins from antiquity to recent times. The church of Panagia Paraportiani is a strangely shaped Byzantine church, consisting of five smaller churches and one of the most photographed places on the island. Finish your walk in the sights of the island with a visit to Ano Mera and the church of Panagia Tourliani founded in 1547.

Sea Treasures

Visitors looking for parties, frantic dancing and relentless flirting must go straight to Paradise and Super Paradise that hold the reigns of beach partying since the '60s. Celebrities also have a penchant for the beaches of Ornos, Kalamopodi, Plidri, Psarrou and Plati Gialos.
The wide beach of Kalafatis with its thick shadow, can be reached by car or bus. The tiny beach of Agia Anna and the protected from winds beach of Kalo Livadi are also good choices. In the southern part of the island, at the west of Kalo Livadi and 4 km away from Ano Mera is sandy Elia, the longest coast of Mykonos. If you seek privacy, the nearby Agrari is perfect and suitable for water sports.
In the northern part of the island is another surf spot, Ftelia, and the beaches of Panormos and Agios Sostis, both with clear waters. Kapari beach offers magical sunset and Merchias offers a hard to find peace and quiet. Far from the maddening crowd, are the beaches of Fokos, Mersini, Vathia Langada, Pano Tigani and Kato Tigani, where you will also need an umbrella for shade and a cooler with food and water.

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Getting There

There are many daily ferry and catamaran services connecting Piraeus and Rafina ports with Mykonos. Mykonos Airport is also served by the main Greek carrier –Aegean Air– and many international airlines fly directly to the island. The airport is situated 4 km from Mykonos Town and you can reach it by taxi.


1. Central
Argyrena, Tel. + 22890 77306
Facebook centralmykonos

Greek Summer 2016: Mykonos Facebook Twitter

A fresh and buzzing place where you can start your day with a delicious Cycladic breakfast with local ingredients, all designed and executed by chef Yiannis Gavalas. As the day progresses the scenery changes and people come here for a nice cocktail or a glass of wine while enjoying the fantastic sunset seated in the private balvonies of Central

2. Ekaterini Jewellery

Matoyianni, Mykonos town, +30 22890 78876, facebook: ekaterini jewellery design

Greek Summer 2016: Mykonos Facebook Twitter
Ekaterini Jewellery

The shop sells clothes from designer Ekat- erini which are pro- duced in Greece, as well as a wide range of foreign brands. The youthful design and great value for money are present in the hottest trends in accessories like earrings, necklaces, colourful watches etc.

3. RIEN by Penny Vomva

Αtelier&boutique : Triptolemou 2-4 , Athens, Greece +30 210 3420622
Mykonos boutique: florou zouganeli 14, Mykonos, Greece, +30 22890 77230

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Rien by Penny Vomva

The atelier was founded five years ago while the Mykonos boutique opened in 2012 by Penny, who's passionate about the art of sewing and creating clothes, swimwear, jewellery, leather bags, all of which aim at making women feel comfortable with those items. The name means "Nothing" but signifies a lot. It signifies that fashion is not posing, nor trends, but rather what every person feels and each person has a different feeling to express. This is what Penny Vomva tries to accomplish: to reflect each person's feelings on the clothes, swimwear and accessories. Her reputation has exceeded the Greek borders and now RIEN collaborates with various shops across Europe, United States and Middle East.

4. Mykonos Hotel Andronikos

Drafaki +30 22890 24231, email: [email protected],

Greek Summer 2016: Mykonos Facebook Twitter
Mykonos Hotel Andronikos

Andronikos Hotel is an upscale, cosmopolitan resort situated at the
edge of Mykonos town with splendid views of the Aegean Sea and the sunset. Andronikos is spread across a large area of 90000 sq. feet and is the ultimate choice when it comes to Mykonos' lifestyle. It combines easy access to the beaches and the town, newly designed spaces that inspire the senses, exquisite dining at the award winner Lady Finger Greek gourmet restaurant and a relaxed yet funky atmosphere at the popular Orange Blue Bar. Andronikos Hotel evolves into a new era of hospitality by introducing the "total hotel experience"concept.

5. Nesaea

Agia Anna beach, Kalafatis, Tel.: +30 2289 072130

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Based on the same philosophy that «nice n easy» brought in the Greek gastronomy, where everything is about health food and delicious tastes, a new project of its people starts its journey to Mykonos. With a name inspired by a female divine spirit of the Greek mythology, Nesaea, the new Mykonos restaurant, presents farm to table cuisine in its most creative and elegant version! Pure local ingredients of the Greek islands and a healthy living philosophy compose the most imaginative and tasty dishes, in a cozy and relaxing atmosphere by the sea.

6. Ebi Tempura Bar & Resto
Livin Mykonos Luxury Suites, Drafaki, Tel.:+30 22890 23474 / +30 697 901 9584

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Ebi Tempura Bar & Resto

Located by the pool of the brand new Livin Mykonos luxury hotel, Ebi Tempura Bar & Resto, the first tempura bar in Greece, created by the talented chef Ahmed Ahmed, welcomes every visitor on the cosmopolitan island who loves Japanese cuisine. Focusing on tempura, the Japanese technique, acquired from Portuguese merchants toward the end of the 16th century, of deep frying seafood or vegetables dipped in batter, Ebi Tempura's menu is based on a selection of fresh seasonal ingredients, skillful and meticulous preparation and exquisite presentation.

7. Koursaros
Meletopoulou street Mykonos town, 2289 078140

Greek Summer 2016: Mykonos Facebook Twitter

Koursaros has been operating for 20 years in Athens, and now has moved to Mykonos. In the heart of Hora and only a short stroll from Little Venice it is set in a wonderful large garden decorated like a pirate's ship. Specializing in fresh fish and seafood the menu consists of Greek and Mediterranean recipes. There is something for every taste here. Beautiful surroundings, a relaxing atmosphere and excellent customer service, ¨Koursaros¨ is the choice that will not only cater for your romantic dinner but also your family outing. Koursaros restaurant, in Mykonos town, is the ultimate destination for sushi. Inspired by the excellent sushi chef Take Lee-Moo IL , will reveal pleasure to all sushi lovers.

8. Pepper Souvlaki and more
18, Kouzi Georgouli. Tel: 22890 27019

Greek Summer 2016: Mykonos Facebook Twitter
Pepper Souvlaki and More

It made its debut in 2013 in one of the most central places of Mykonos and ever since the people of «Pepprer Souvlaki and more» keep up with the same philosophy and faith in the best quality and emphasis on fresh ingredients.
At its elegant place with handmade creations giving a great sense, somewhere between the characteristic white narrows of Chora, you will taste the flavours of a truly unique grill house and rich plates based on the greek cuisine. As you can imagine by it's name souvlaki here has a main position in the menu and it's a real masterpiece!

9. Your Car Ride
[email protected]
Tel: +306955138002, +306975724294

Greek Summer 2016: Mykonos Facebook Twitter
Your Car Ride

If you are looking for a professional and experienced driver to drive you and your family around the island this is the place. You can rent luxury cars with or without the driver. The prices are reasonable and there are automobiles that are ideal whether you need them for driving you to the beach or your professional appointments.
There is a wide range of choice here: drive around with a Range Rover or a Mercedes GLK 300 or even a Mercedes Vito extra long 9!

10. Beit Matta, @beitmatta

Greek Summer 2016: Mykonos Facebook Twitter
Beit Matta

From the shores of the Red Sea Riviera to the white sandy beaches of Mykonos, Egyptian handcrafts design house "Beit Matta"is sure to cause a stir in Greece.
The design house renowned for its customized, all handcrafted, creations inspired by rich Egyptian heritage flavoured with a global contemporary twist, will be showcasing select pieces from its latest collection this summer at DECORD (Mykonos - Skalado 84600). The collection features diverse creations blending uncompromising beauty with practical functionality. Lavish and authentic materials such as copper, ceramics and hand-blown glass are moulded to craft coasters, trays and shot trays, envelope openers, bookmarks, ashtrays, candle holders and ice buckets.



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